Another name for lemongrass tea is citronella which is a tall plant having a fresh and lemony aroma. However, it is a very common ingredient in Thai cooking and is widely used as a bug repellent. For ages, lemongrass has been the most essential oil used in aromatherapy that freshens up the air while uplifting the mood and reducing stress.

Let us understand in this blog the most important benefits of drinking lemongrass tea.

Offers Antioxidant Properties

Lemongrass embraces a number of antioxidants that prevent the spread of free radicals in a body causing disease. However, these antioxidants are isoorientin, chlorogenic acid, and Swertia japonica. All these essential antioxidants help prevent the dysfunctioning of cells inside the coronary arteries.

Delivers Antimicrobial Features

Lemongrass steam helps treat oral infections as well as cavities and all this happens due to its antimicrobial properties present in it. However, lemongrass has been the most essential oil and has always shown antimicrobial abilities against specific bacteria that are responsible for tooth decay.

Has Anti-Inflammatory Properties

Lemongrass tea has the most prime compounds that offer anti-inflammatory benefits. However, these compounds help stop the production of inflammation-causing makers in our bodies.

Promotes Healthy Digestion

Consuming a cup of lemongrass team is the best alternative for your upset stomach or other digestive issues. However, as per the recent study lemon quest me also has an effective option against gastric ulcers. Its major benefit is that the essential oil of lemongrass leaves protects the stomach lining against damage from ethanol or aspirin.

Reduce Cancer Risk

The citral property is present in lemongrass and has the best anticancer abilities against cancer cell lines. However, consuming lemongrass will help boost your immune system so that your body is always better to fight off cancer on its own. The tea is often used as an adjuvant therapy during the radiation and chemotherapy process.

Act as a Diuretic

When we talk about natural health lemongrass is widely known as a diuretic that makes us urinate more often while flushing out all the excess fluid and sodium. However, if someone is having heart failure, liver failure, or edema, then diuretics are usually prescribed by the doctors. As per the recent study, lemongrass tea when applied on rats has shown diuretic activity that is very similar to green tea causing no damage to the organ.

Regulate Cholesterol

Having high levels of cholesterol may increase the risk of heart attack or stroke. However, lemongrass oil extract helps to lower down the cholesterol in animals.

Helps Lose Weight

Lemongrass tea has been widely used as a detox tea that kick starts your metabolism and helps you lose weight. As per the research made on lemongrass weight loss is connected to it and has been classified as a natural diuretic. Experts have shown that you can drop some pounds if you drink enough lemongrass tea.