Instant Tea

Tell us what you like, and we shall make that for you…

Spray Dried Black Tea

Spray Dried Black Tea Extract

How would you like to have your Black Tea Extract? As a Hot Beverage or a Ready to Drink (RTD) Iced Tea?

For your 3-in-1 mix (HWS) – would you like a mellow or strong astringent taste? Would you like reddish or golden cup color?

For your RTD Iced Teas (CWS – 10*C<) – would you prefer mild tea note or a flavorful fruity note? Would you prefer a clear deep reddish hue or a clear deep black hue?

Or give us a sample to match – we are at your service

Green Tea

Spray Dried Green Tea Extract

We already know that Green Tea Extracts are rich in Antioxidants, but did you know that our Green Tea Extracts taste the same as the finest green teas of India?

Come on a flavorful and aromatic journey with us, filled with the goodness of Assam High Grown Tea – you will never touch a “green” tea bag again!

Tea Concentrates

Tea Concentrates

Do you want to make a Functional Tea but don’t want to formulate it?

Our Tea Concentrates provide all the ingredients required to make a functional drink, be it a hot beverage (ginger/masala) or an iced tea (peach/lemon)!


Bubble Tea Extract

Hop on to the Bubble Express!!

Have you ever sought a Tea Extract which is entirely soluble when mixed with creamer in cold water (10*C<)?

Look no further!

Our product provides the taste, aroma, and flavor standardized perfectly for consistent results! We reckon, with our product, you will be able to make Bubble Tea which is even better compared to Gong Cha!

“Life is like a cup of TEA, it’s all in how you make it!” – Irish Proverb