Lemongrass Tea

Blueberry Agro introduces you to another superior quality tea, Lemongrass Tea, which is famous for its rich taste and robust flavour. It also has a lot of health benefits and is known majorly for its health benefits. Lemongrass is a lasting plant that is local to India and Nepal; it has a light, lemony fragrance and flavour, with a trace of ginger. Lemongrass is one of the great spices; it is instrumental as a medicinal plant and a delightful food seasoning. Barely any realize that the other name of Lemongrass is citronella, a well-known aroma in scent, candles, and cleansers.

We at BlueBerry Agro, have best experts that work continuously to serve customers natural collections of tea that offer commitments to the tea lovers, and the planet.

This TEA is healTEA:

 In an examination that was directed, it has demonstrated that each 100g of palatable Lemongrass, when bubbled, can contain up to 24.205 micrograms of beta-carotene, the impressive enemy of oxidant that researchers accept can help forestall disease. In another examination, it has indicated that lemongrass oil has the potential as a skin eye prescription against keratomycosis, an aggravation of cornea regularly connected with consuming or obscuring of vision. Specialists note that lemongrass oil’s’ cell reinforcement characteristics and capacity to hinder the compound that advances the development of malignancy cells are promising

At Blueberry Agro, we confirm that our Lemongrass tea is made precisely to satisfy your senses to the fullest with every sip and fragrance you inhale. The magnificent packing of BlueBerry Agro, Lemongrass tea, not only enhances the colour and scent but also increases the shelf life of the product.

A Blend Of Natural Ingredients ForHealthiest Possible Sip every morning!


  • Aids weight loss: as it contains very few calories, it helps one to lose weight quicker than ever. This tea fastens the metabolism of the body and thus allows the fat to burn faster than ever.
  • Helps in diabetes treatment: studies have revealed that taking Lemongrass tea helps maintain the blood sugar level. Since Lemongrass tea is a detox, it helps purify the pancreas and retains its functionality.
  • Regulates blood pressure: studies and the traditional practices have shown that taking  Lemongrass tea can help maintain the blood pressure levels and can act in a much better way as compared to green tea.
  • Helps fight cancer: laboratories studies show that Lemongrass tea inhibits cancer cells at an early stage, especially that of a  liver. It also helps prevent breast cancer.


From Farm to Cup- Only For You and Your Family

Blueberry Agro’s Lemongrass tea promises to deliver the tea directly from the farm to your cup with quality flavours, aroma, and health. We eliminate the long process of including the middlemen and preserve the real sense of the tea leaves for you. With long years of experience in this realm, we promise to keep the quality elevating and flavour straight from Saudi homes.

We promise for the natural goodness with each sip of the Lemongrass tea!

Cosmeceuticals Segment


Reduces dark circles, black heads and aging signs.


Covers open pores and marks on the face.


Provides a glow to the face.


Revitalizes hair pores

“The essense of all beings, the essense of earth is water, the essence of water is plants, and the essence of plants is the human being.”

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