Green tea is the most preferred tea among all fitness freaks.  And people are consuming green tea regularly to gain incredible health benefits from it. Besides green tea sachet, people are also choosing the best green tea extract that gives the same taste and health benefits.

So, in this blog, let us analyze how green tea has made our lives better and how efficacious it is to consume green tea in your daily routine.

Offers Relaxation And Improved Brain Functionality

Green tea is a great source of catechin known as EGCG and has a greatly relaxing effect on our body. It makes our bodies calm and still. Besides, green tea extract also contains caffeine that acts as a stimulant on our central nervous system. Caffeine has been popular in making our nerves alert while improving learning, memorizing, and coordinating activities of our mind. Green tea also helps in enhancing our reaction time as well as mood while increasing dopamine levels and lowering down the anxiety.

Helps In Weight Loss

All those who love sugary drinks, don’t worry at all about over intake of sugar. Because green tea is here! Green tea is being treated as the best replacement for sugary drinks and gives a different level of metabolism while assisting in weight loss. However, it is highly recommended to follow an active lifestyle that will include exercise besides consuming green tea. Consuming only green tea and doing no exercise won’t give the desired results.

Oral Health Improvement

Catechins that are present in the green tea or green tea extracts contain anti-bacterial effects and helps protect our body from a variety of infections. In the case of oral health, Streptococcus is highly mandatory for forming cavities and green tea helps in inhibiting the growth of Streptococcus mutants in our mouth. Also, if you are having a bad breathing issue, then consuming green tea also helps you resolve this problem.

Reduced Risk Of Heart Disease

A recent medical survey has shown that drinking green tea reduces total cholesterol and bad cholesterol levels in our body and also reduces blood pressure. This all assists in reducing the risk of heart diseases.

Enhanced Eye Health

Studies have been suggesting that regular intake of green tea helps in treating eye ailments efficaciously. Catechins assist in protecting our eyes from oxidative damage and also prevents loss of vision too.

Anti-Carcinogenic Effects

Green tea has become an advanced way of treating cancer since it contains Polyphenols present in green tea. Also, it contains Catechins that are powerful antioxidants that help protect our body from oxidative destruction while protecting from various types of cancers.  As per a recent survey, consuming green tea was effective in lowering the risk of breast cancers. While in the case of men, it also aids in reducing the occurrence of prostate cancer in men.

So, the aforementioned are the ways in which green tea has made our lives much better than before and is the popular way of gaining true health benefits. Consult the best green tea extract manufacturer and buy the best one as per your choice.