Our body means everything to us and we do each and everything for our body to keep fit and healthy. Instead of taking supplements, we should take immunity boosters to boost our body. We can improve and boost our immune system with different kinds of boosters like Lemongrass tea.

Who doesn’t want a healthy immune system? Of Course, everyone wants a booster power backup for their body. Our immune system needs a good and healthier balanced diet to protect from harmful antigens. 

There are many health boosters like omega-3s, vitamin-C foods, green veggies, yoghurt, green herbal tea, etc. But we think one of the best natural health boosters is the “Lemongrass Tea”.

 What is Lemongrass Tea ??

  • Lemongrass is also known as fever grass. 
  • It is famous for its rich taste and flavoursome quality.
  • Lemongrass tea is a diuretic.
  • It has a fresh, lemony aroma and a citrus flavour.
  • It has cis and trans citral, myrcene, geranial,etc.

Chemical components of Lemongrass : 

There are different kinds of bioactive compounds and some antibacterial properties present in lemongrass tea but the main chemical constituents are citronella, citronellol and geraniol which are antiseptic and antifungal too and are used in disinfectant soaps and other products.

Lemongrass works as a Healer tea: Lemongrass has some anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that help our body to heal our diseases easily and smoothly. Lemongrass Tea contains an essential oil i.e. bright or pale yellow with a thin consistency and a lemony flavour. Lemongrass tea possesses special features that enhance the colour and flavour but also increases the shelf life of the product.

“Take a sip every morning that will help you in your body-shining.”

Some Medical health-benefits of Lemongrass tea: 

  • It is used for treating digestive tract spasms and high blood pressure.
  • It can help to improve oral health, lower cholesterol.
  • It helps in fighting cancer.
  • It helps in treating diabetic patients.

Lemongrass has many beneficial uses and effective results that can help us to cure our body of diseases. Leaves and oil are used to make medicines and keep you fit and healthy. 

Some important researches are : 

  • If we will use lemongrass oil, it helps in reducing hair dandruff.
  • By drinking lemongrass tea, it decreases symptoms of thrush in people with HIV/AIDS.
  • Use as an antiseptic too.
  • It can add the herb into dishes such as soups and stir-fries.
  • Lemongrass oil is used as a flavouring agent in food and beverages.

There are many problems if we take some supplements in larger quantities. We should take some precautions and care while taking Lemongrass products.

  • Lemongrass tea is avoided during pregnancy having low potassium levels.
  • Its oil causes rashes and irritation.
  • Don’t take through the mouth leads to miscarriage.

Conclusion: In this modern scenario, we all have started using herbal products according to our needs. The essential oils have attracted so much attention in the nutritional and cosmetic industries as they have some good properties and also at a cheaper rate. So start consuming lemongrass tea and gift your body a healthy kickstart.