Are you a tea lover and desire to try all kinds of teas that exist in this world? Well, then you must try instant black tea at once in your life. today people are becoming more health-conscious and have started taking black tea instead of tea made of milk. There is a huge reason behind the increasing popularity of instant black tea. It helps in weight loss and its improvising brain functionality at an increased level.

So for all fitness freaks and all tea lovers let us see how you can enjoy the rich flavors of instant black tea at the comfort of your home.

Process of making the instant black tea

Take a tea maker and add water to it. Let the water boil for a minute or two and then add instant black tea powder into it. Any kind of sweet of your choice into it. These can be honey or brown sugar or white sugar as per your choice. Let this amazing mixture boil for a more couple of minutes and your instant black tea is all set up to get served.

So this was the short and simple method of making instant black tea at your home. However, it depends on how many people are there to take the instant team so that the proportion of water sugar and instant tea powder will vary.

Try various flavors

There are a lot of instant black tea flavors available in the market. You can find Ginger, cardamom, honey, lemon, and more flavors that can make you feel rejuvenated and refreshed once you will sip the tea. At times you can also find mango grape or mint flavor for a change.

If you are finding it difficult to get instant black tea powder in the market then you can also opt for black tea extracts that also offer the same taste and benefits to the consumers. Several leading black tea extract manufacturers in India offer extracts to make people feel refreshed all the time.

Health benefits of instant black tea

There are a lot of evidence-based health benefits of instant black tea consumption.

Black tea has antioxidant properties that help remove free radicals and lower down the cell damage in the body. However, black tea extracts also have remarkable benefits on body weight. researchers have found out that regular consumption of black tea extract has resulted in noble decreasing body fat within 12 weeks.

Another great benefit of consuming instant black tea is that it assists in boosting heart health. Consuming them regularly reduces risk factors for high blood pressure, obesity, high cholesterol and increased triglyceride levels.

With this many benefits why not try out taking instant black tea? You can make it in the comfort of your home and at whatever time you want. But it is pretty sure that you will feel energetic after consuming instant black tea.