Black tea is one of the most popular drinks globally, it has a pleasant taste, refreshing and tonic properties. Black tea contains tannins (polyphenols, tannins and catechins), vitamins C and P, a large number of minerals (iron, silicon, magnesium, potassium) and organic acids (citric, malic, oxalic). Of particular value are polyphenols, which are essential plant antioxidants.

Use of the Black tea Extract

Black tea extracts are actively used in cosmetics for oily and combination skin care. It has powerful sebum-regulating, mattifying and anti-inflammatory properties. This ingredient tightens pores, reduces oily shine and mattifies the skin for a long time. Black tea extract is used in anti-ageing cosmetics for face and body skincare. It has a firming, smoothing, moisturizing and rejuvenating effect on dry, dehydrated, withered and mature skin. Choosing the black tea extract manufacturers in India is perfect in this case.

  • How Would You Choose the Best Black Tea Extract?

Black tea extract is inseparable from gym training where the tradition of evening 5 o’clock tea extract usage has greatly contributed to its popularity. Very quickly, the English preferred this tea, more robust and stronger in taste than green tea, and thus contributed to its development and to its international success. Black tea extract is a popular drink today, but its hegemony is increasingly challenged by other “colours” of tea. 80% of our customers prefer green tea to black tea extract, but it hasn’t said its last word. Not all black tea extracts are created equal. 

Here are 3 tips to help you choose the best possible tea for your budget.

Pay attention to its origin

Depending on where it is produced, a black tea extract will have a totally different taste. A Darjeeling will be fruitier than an Assam grown in the plains, a black tea extract from Kenya will be more full-bodied than a black tea extract from China or Vietnam. It’s a bit sketchy but it gives you an idea of ​​the situation.

If a black tea extract is associated with a locality name, then all the leaves come from this locality. A black tea extract with a generic name will be a blend of leaves from various terroirs. In itself, this has no impact on its quality but rather on its character: a blend aims to produce a tea with a very specific taste while an origin will offer a different character depending on the season.

Leaves only or buds?

Observe the tea carefully. If you can see any lighter, slightly golden leaves, then they are probably buds. A bud is made up of one or two tea leaves rolled upon themselves. They contain more nutrients. Their taste is different from other leaves. Also, a black tea extract containing more bud will taste different, more subtle. It will also be more expensive. The buds turn golden with fermentation and are called golden tips.

What is the grade?

Indian and African black tea extract extracts have a grade. The higher the grade, the higher the quality (theoretical) of the tea. However, this specification is optional but quite strict when it is used. It, therefore, gives a good appreciation of the potential quality of a tea, or at least of what you will find in your cup.

  • Last words

There are many brands that have come up with the best black tea extracts now. Many scientific studies have focused on the effects and virtues of green tea, but black tea extract also has many benefits that should not be overlooked. We offer a non-exhaustive list below. With all this information, if you ask experts what black tea is for, black tea extract manufacturers in India will affirm without a doubt that it is an excellent option to consume with breakfast, mid-morning, before meals and at snack time.