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Find Your Moment, with White tea!

If you love yourself and want to pamper your skin and body better than others, then find Your Moment with us with our White tea! It is 100% organic white tea extract that contains rice solution that works best on skin. Unlike the green tea, white tea extract is made using tender buds and newly grown leaves that are soft on body, and tissues. The processing of white tea extract is minimal, and hence the consumption of white tea extract daily gives amazing results to the body.

BlueBerry Agro, with long years of experience in this realm, promises to offer white tea extract to the tea lovers in India and abroad, the finest range of relishing taste and health. Being the most reputed supplier of white tea extract, we are best at tea solutions that can serve as Antioxidants, reduce the risk of heart disease, and help in reducing weight as well. With a rich flavor and high health benefits, you can enjoy your morning sip of tea with no worry.

We at BlueBerry Agro, backed by industrial experts, offer the excellent range of white tea extract that makes for the perfect beauty elixir, helping to support glowing skin and beauty from within.

A Natural Beauty Enhancer Herbal Tea only for you!

White tea extract is the minimally processed kind of tea collection for all the tea lovers that love to pamper skin every morning with tenderness and care. Our experts processed them with unopened buds and fresh leaves. They are extracted from the first flush tea when the plant is at the early stage. Similar to green tea, our white tea extract also reduces the risk of cancer and other cardiovascular disorders. Adding to this, this white tea extract is also appreciated for reducing oral health disorders. Being a calorie controller tea, white tea extract comes with amazing taste and flavours.

A Blend Of Natural Ingredients For Detoxing Your Body!

  • NATURAL BEAUTY ENHANCER  When consuming the white tea extract, you can forget all your cosmetics, and beauty regimes behind and rely on it. Our white tea extract will take care of your skin inside out with pleasure. For the flawless, natural glow and clear skin, you can buy this white tea extract. 
  • DRINK A TEA WITH DIFFERENCE: Our white tea extract purposefully formulate your skin cells and help in rejuvenate and moisturize it naturally
  • FIGHT HORMONAL ACNE & BLEMISHES – With white tea extract, you can cure your hormonal problems and say bye to acne forever. Our experts after so much research and testing say that for your clear skin, our white tea extract is made with beneficial skin-boosting antioxidants that work perfectly for removing impurities easily.

From Farm to Cup- Only For You and Your Family

With Rose Petals, Calendula, Rosemary Leaves, Lavender Flower, Mint (Pudina) Leaves, Sage, Chamomile Flower, Thyme Leaves, and many more our white tea extract is offered to your tea lovers. Taste light and slightly sweet that you can consume as a morning drink if you don’t prefer caffeine to start your day.

Cosmeceuticals Segment


Reduces dark circles, black heads and aging signs.


Covers open pores and marks on the face.


Provides a glow to the face.


Revitalizes hair pores

“The essense of all beings, the essense of earth is water, the essence of water is plants, and the essence of plants is the human being.”

The Upanishads