Have you been fond of tea? Well, then you must learn more about the interesting facts about coffee. Let us dive into its details in this blog. 

Do not store near the coffee or other spices

Remember that the flavors found in the tea are very delicate and can be altered very easily. Whenever you are storing tea near the aromas it can easily absorb the flavors of other substances will weaken the overall test of brittle and while storing the tree you must keep in mind that you should always keep tea away from the light, heat, air as well as strong flavors. 

Long time tea tastes best

Whenever you want to make the perfect cup of tea then you should remember that different types of tea require different times. However, if the tea is brewed correctly then it will not test well irrespective of the type of tea you got. however whenever it comes to you it there will be five components that will classify if the tea will be good or not. These important components include time, temperature, water weight as well as equipment. Each of these attributes will play an important part in giving you the desired cup of tea.

Turkish people drink the most tea 

On average, the Turkish people can consume around seven pounds of tea per hour. It is just because these people can see a lot of tea near me to stay abreast of the citizens’ requirements.

Herbal tea is not tea

Herbal tea does not contain tea leaves and hence it is not considered a tea. However even if there are no tea leaves in them the herbal teas do include different plants, herbs, and spices such as chamomile, hibiscus, and mint. 

Green and black teas are made from the same plant

It is a fact that all tea leaves are native to Asia and green tea vs black tea has got from it. However, the types of Green leaves are rectified by the amount of tea oxidation. Talking about the oxidation process then it is a chemical reaction that happens after the leaves are picked from the tree. Usually black teenagers the most oxidation where is the white needs the very low oxidation. 

Today instant tea has become the most preferred choice among people. Just like the simple tea instantly is very quick to prepare and also it gives numerous health benefits. Consumption of instant tea can be made right from the comfort of your home and whenever you want. It proves to be beneficial in weight loss and has been proven to be a boon for heart diseases as well.

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