Tea is the most popular consumed drink on the globe and out of all-around 80 percent of the people prefer consuming black tea and the rest prefer consuming green tea. There are various types of tea available in the market and are brewed from the dried leaves of the Camellia Sinensis bush. However, the oxidation level of the leaves helps us identify the type of tea.

Green tea is specifically produced from oxidized leaves and is one of the less processed tea types.

Let us understand in this blog instant tea extract benefits and their side effects as well.

High Benefits

As per the recent study, instant tea consumption has shown a huge positive impact on type 2 diabetes, liver disorders, Alzheimer’s disease, and weight loss as well.

Helps Fight with Cancer

As per the National Cancer Institute, it has been shown that instantly have polyphenols that help decrease the tumor growth and laboratory as well as in animal studies. This can help protect against damage caused by ultraviolet radiation.

It also has been observed that in the regions where green tea or other types of tea consumption is high cancer it’s stage to be very low.

Helps Lower Down The Cholesterol

When it comes to controlling or getting a curb on the cholesterol intake it has been highly advised that you should take instant extracts with hot water. This simply means you can make black tea with instant tea extracts and can observe slowing down your cholesterol in the coming time.

Make It Your Way

One of the major advantages is that you can add milk to it or you can take it as a black tea. It depends upon how you are using the instant tea extracts. However, there are different measures given on the instant tea packets by the tea extract suppliers. Once you come to know about the appropriate proportion you need to add into the milk or water you will be all set to have a sumptuous instant tea right at the comfort of your home.

Side Effects

There are very minor side effects or contraindications of drinking instant tea for adults. However, it depends upon the proportion of instant tea extracts you have been consuming which decides the effect.

Some people may feel insomnia, nausea, the ability or upset stomach due to gas and sensitivity factors.

It is recommended that those people who are consuming blood thinners should consume instant tea with high caution.

Consuming instant tea to a greater extent could result in an increase in blood pressure or heart rate.

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