Among the most commonly consumed beverages, coffee is something that needs a special mention. Millions of people are enjoying the drink and have benefits daily. It is not only a great tasting beverage, but it also comes with a wide array of interesting facts. Are you now excited to know some interesting facts about coffee? Here is a list to know! 

  1. Coffee has caffeine content. When it is roasted, it loses the caffeine content. So, the dark bold cup of coffee will have less caffeine when compared to the lighter one. 
  2. The first webcam watched a coffee pot, and it allowed the researchers in Cambridge to monitor the coffee situation without them leaving the place. 
  3. Coffee will not taste as much it smells, and this is because the saliva will wipe off almost half of the flavor. 
  4. If you take a tall starbucks coffee, it will have 7.6 times that caffeine of the can of coke and more content of caffeine than 12-ounce that has Red Bull 
  5. When you visit Japan, you can find the Cats Cafes, and it is the place where you can hangouts with your pet cats. 
  6. Coffee is the second largest traded commodity globally. It is consumed by more people, which make it the beloved beverage after water. The worth of the product is around $100 billion all over the world. 
  7. If you need to grow good coffee, it requires good conditions like altitude, tropical climates and rich soil. Hawaii in America is the state that is producing the coffee even before it is recognized as the state. 
  8. The coffee beans grow on the bush, and it is actually the pit of berry that makes it as a fruit. There are two different varieties of beans: red, and green. The red has a good smell, and it is less acidic. It is used in producing the lighter coffees. 
  9. When you are looking for the decaffeinated coffee, it comes from the chemical process and here the caffeine will be taken out from the bean. Later, the removed caffeine is sold to coca-cola. 
  10. Almost everyone will be aware of Beethoven, but most of them may not be aware of the fact that he loves coffee. He would count 60 beans per cup before making the brew. 
  11. A survey says that an American spends over $1.092 per year just for the coffee. When it comes to the weekly calculation, it is about $20. It is equal to the new model iPhone in the market. Also, young people spend more when compared to the older ones. 
  12. Buying fair-trade coffee will cost more, but the coffee farmers are spending at least 25% of the total Fairtrade Premium to enhance the overall quality and productivity. Just in the last three years, the Fair-trade certified that the products have won 28 Great taste Awards. 
  13. A survey says that the people in Europe love coffee, and they also import more when compared to America. Besides, Brazil is the leading exporting country in the coffee export. 
  14. Now, several people show more interest in instant coffee. It was invented by a chemist when he was trying to experiment with the dried coffee before starting selling the Red E. Coffee. 
  15. Studies say that simply smelling the coffee will help the person to wake up in the morning and make them energetic to continue with their work for the day. 
  16. Coffee is the drink that helps in reducing the risk of developing cirrhosis that develops due to severe disease affecting the liver. 
  17. Even though caffeine is a mild diuretic, you will not lose a large quantity of fluid, and it will not dehydrate you easily. 
  18. Since the ancient period, it is believed that the coffee was believed that the coffee is discovered by the goat herder. He noticed that the goat was extremely energetic after consuming these berries. 
  19. Huge quantity of coffee is produced only in Brazil, and it constitutes around 40% of the world’s coffee production. 
  20. Researchers are going to make coffee as the biodiesel, so there is more chance to have coffee as the fuel. 

These are just a few of the facts regarding. Research more to make it more interesting with a cup of coffee in your hand!