1. Specially designed machinery in the extraction section to remove impurity and increase active content in the extract.

2. Uniquely designed evaporator and spray dryer to keep the product temperature low which avoids deterioration of active components.

3. Automation to keep the process continuous and enable control of feed density at every stage, thus optimizing finished product quality.

4. A process with zero contamination and specially designed section for removal of pesticides and heavy metals.

5. 2.5 acres of sprawling infrastructure housing 40000 sq ft plant.

6. Total extraction capacity of over 1000 tons per year.

7. Cutting-edge Research and Development infrastructure for product development & process improvement.

8. A special Quality Assurance department for quality control and total quality assurance; regular interval and external audits.

9. Large storage area for pre-quarantine and quarantined raw material; handling techniques that ensure no contamination.

10. Effluent treatment plant to ensure environmental protection.



  "It is not that we USE technology, we LIVE technology." - Godfrey Reggio

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